Membership Strategic Plan

June 2008 Revision 


Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and public relations strategy to increase recognition of the organization.


  1. Demonstrate MMGMA’s impact with legislators and payers
  2. Increase networking opportunities to show members they are not alone in battles with insurers and government
  3. Provide quick answers and real solutions to members problems
  4. Provide timely communication of information and education to members, medical societies, and vendors
  5. Demonstrate the value/impact of MMGMA to current members, past members and physicians
  6. Explore opportunities for MGMA/MMGMA collaboration to market new products and services (MGMA will share marketing research, web-based educational programs, and product development)


Identify, recruit, develop and support a diverse group of volunteer members to serve in leadership roles.


  1. Review current leadership structure and composition to identify opportunities for improvement and diversity
  2. Develop process to identify potential leadership from current membership
  3. Adapt and utilize the MGMA leadership development program, the MGMA leadership conference and a mentoring program to develop newly identified leaders
  4. Engage membership in order to help them understand the rewards of leadership within MMGMA
  5. Maintain officers' jobs descriptions, roles and expectations in writing
  6. Evaluate current board member functions and time commitments
  7. Expose members to the leadership and board processes
  8. Provide and maintain demographics of current leadership
  9. Develop a process to evaluate and enhance meeting effectiveness
          a.Starting/Stay on time
          b.Prepared agenda with specific time limits for topics
          c.Establish ground rules for meeting
          d.Written reports from Committee. Presentation of action items only
          e.Member support of Committee Decisions
          f.Utilize the experience and knowledge of past presidents to foster the growth of the organization and mentor new members/leaders


Evaluate existing and develop new programs and services that bring value to the membership.


  1. Maintain source for member input (survey)
  2. Identify unique membership value that no other can provide
  3. Continue to provide high quality semi-annual meetings
          a.High-quality speakers
          b.Desirable social events
          d.Investigate Video-taping Conferences
          e.Promote member involvement in Program Committee
           f.Promote technology competencies/knowledge at conferences
          g.Promote value of ACMPE certification
          h.Promotion of ethical, public health, and patient safety issues in medicine


Motivate, educate and train MMGMA members to increase involvement and to positively influence health care legislation and policy.


  1. Develop tools to facilitate member/legislator contact
  2. Promote advocacy through the Action Center
  3. Promote successes of committees and educate members and legislators about healthcare issues
  4. Increase member education and involvement in third party payer relations
  5. Address workforce shortages, both physician and office staff
  6. Continue to develop the MMGMA role in Pay For Performance and quality measures
  7. Continue and expand collaborative advocacy relationships with MSMS, MGMA, MOA, MMBA, and other relevant organizations


Seek and actively manage collaborative relationships with compatible organizations.


  1. Collaborate with schools to provide input on health care administration programs
  2. Collaborate with payers and medical societies on quality initiatives, quality measures, Pay for Performance
  3. Educate physicians more about group management issues
  4. Partner with medical schools and residency programs in education of physicians
  5. Make sure MMGMA is invited to be involved in legislative efforts, meetings and committees, including meetings between medical societies and payers
  6. Enhance relationships with organizations that supply medical practices
          a.Establish vendor committee to enhance vendor relationships
          b.Create board appointed Vendor Chair
          c.Discuss changing terminology to "Business Partner"
          d.Continue active participation in MGMA and other professional organizations to identify potential programs and services
          e.Identify more member networking opportunities


Expand and improve (enhance) the use of technology to ensure quality, value and access.


  1. Ensure accuracy and usability of all MMGMA data and resources
  2. Optimize the use of electronic communication with members, while continuing to support those without access, including on-line dues payment and conference registrations
  3. Evaluate common database with MSMS


Promote education, professional development and marketing through continuous development of communication with members


  1. Create Communications committee to enhance communications and assist marketing, newsletter, technology and program committees
  2. Review opportunities to improve communications through:
          a.Electronic Newsletter
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